Privacy Policy

Status: April 2021

1. short and sweet

Only good apps, no bullshit.

There are no ad networks, trackers, Google Analytics, Facebook, Instagram or other social media plug-ins on our website. builds good products. That's why people come to us voluntarily and recommend us. We don't need or want to track you through the web or sell your data.

There are two cookies on our website to enable the following features:

- the change of the language (English or German)
- the change of the theme (sleek light/day mode or sleek black/night mode)

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your device and retrieved by your browser.

As long as the sleek web app is not yet launched (expected in Q4 2021), no account is required to use our website either. This will remain optional thereafter.

Our hosting company united-domains AG, 82319 Starnberg, Germany may store server log files (see point 3. Access data).

Have fun with :-)

2. basic information

This privacy policy is intended to inform the users of this website about the nature, scope and purpose of the collection and use of personal data by the website operator:
Jan Feldkircher
ul. Świętego Wawrzyńca 19/18
31-060 Kraków


Office address:
ul. Starowiślna 34
31-032 Kraków

The website operator takes your privacy very seriously and treats your personal data confidentially and in accordance with the statutory provisions. Since new technologies and the constant further development of this website may result in changes to this data protection declaration, we recommend that you read through the data protection declaration again at regular intervals.

3. access data

We, the website operator/provider or our hosting service provider united-domains AG, 82319 Starnberg, Germany collect data on accesses to the website based on our legitimate interest (see Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f. DSGVO) and store them as "server log files" on the website server. The following data is logged in this way:

  • Visited website
  • Time at the time of access
  • Amount of data sent in bytes
  • Source/reference from which you came to the site
  • Browser used
  • Operating system used
  • IP address used

The server log files are stored for a maximum of 7 days and then deleted. The data is stored for security reasons, e.g. to be able to clarify cases of abuse. If data must be retained for evidentiary reasons, they are exempt from deletion until the incident has been finally clarified.

4. cookies

There are two cookies on our website to enable the following features:

- the change of the language (English or German)
- the change of the theme (sleek light/day mode or sleek black/night mode)

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your device and retrieved by your browser.

Common browsers offer the setting option to not allow cookies. However, if you use this option, you will not be able to use the above features.

5. reach measurement

This website uses Simple Analytics from the Netherlands to provide us with some basic information about the nature and extent of our website usage:

  • Was a referral link used?
  • on which subpages do people spend the most time?
  • which browsers does our community use?
  • are mobile devices and/or desktop PCs/laptops preferred?
  • in which countries is popular?

For this purpose, however, we do not set cookies on your device nor do we store your IP address. We also do not use trackers to follow you around the internet after you visit our website.

This would fundamentally contradict our and Simple Analytics' values.

We only collect data that is mandatory, but does not allow us to draw conclusions about you as a person, e.g. the size of your browser window, referral links used or timestamps.

Simple Analytics is a European service that complies with the high requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation and all similar regulations, e.g. of the United Kingdom.

The service was built with a focus on privacy. A separate consent (opt-in) by you as a user is therefore not required. A detailed list and explanation of how this is technically enabled can be found on the manufacturer's website


What we collect

Not collecting any information would be silly and unrealistic for an analytics tool. We do collect information that is necessary to show you simple analytics, but unlike other analytics tools, we don’t collect more than absolutely necessary. Here is a list of what we do and don’t collect from your visitors.


We do NOT set any cookies (or use similar technologies).

We care a great deal about the privacy of your visitors. Cookies are something that can track visitors across multiple pages or even multiple websites. For us this is a hard no. This goes for all similar technologies like (but not limited to) local storage, session cookies, fingerprinting, and IP address hashing.

IP addresses

We do NOT collect or store IP addresses

We drop the IP address from every single request. Period. We don’t save or collect them. We don’t hash them with cryptography.

Unique views

We do collect and store whether visits are unique.

Our unique detection of visits is quite unique itself. Most services use cookies or IP addresses to see if a visitor has visited the website in the past, except we don’t use cookies or IP addresses at all. In the UK, for example, websites can’t use IP addresses (even hashed) without an active opt-in from each user. This is why Simple Analytics is compatible with all existing privacy laws, including GDPR. You don’t need an opt-in for our service.

We detect a unique visit based on the hostname of the referrer of the page. When a user comes from one domain to another, their browser shares the previous domain with the next. If the current page’s domain is the same as the one in the referrer, we know it’s a non-unique visit. Read more on how we register unique page views.


We do collect and store timestamps.

We use timestamps to generate the graphs you see on your dashboard, which allows you to analyze changes in your website’s performance over various lengths of time.

User agents

We do collect and store user agents anonymized.

We detect and exclude bots and spiders based on the visitor’s User Agent. We don’t use User Agents for fingerprinting, only for counting operating systems, device types, and browsers in your dashboard. We allow customers to download these counts alongside the User Agent string itself. We do anonymize the User Agent string. For example, when it has a very detailed version number we truncate it from Chrome/78.0.3904.108 into Chrome/


We partially collect and partially store URLs.

Too much information in the URL can be confusing and can make your stats messy. We only collect and store the first part of the URL. If an URL looks like this we will only store, also known as the protocol (https), hostname (, and pathname (/index.html).


We do collect and partially store referrers.

Referrers answer the question “Where did this visitor come from?”. We have two ways of checking the source of a user visiting your website. In most cases, browsers send the URL of the previous website as a referrer. We store the referrer the same as URLs (see above). You can find a list of the most popular referrers in your analytics dashboard. Secondly we check the source of the customer with the UTM-parameters.


We do collect and store UTM-codes.

We track these UTM codes:

  • utm_source (e.g.:
  • utm_medium (e.g.: search)
  • utm_campaign (e.g.: get_customers_02)
  • utm_content (e.g.: sidebar)
  • utm_term (e.g.: privacy friendly analytics)

Website owners can add a URL parameter to links to their website, like ref=..., source=... or utm_source=.... These are all saved as the utm_source. Read more on using URL parameters.

Device dimensions

We do collect and store device dimensions.

Collecting the dimensions of a user’s browser window (innerWidth and innerHeight as viewport) and device dimensions (screen.width and screen.height) allows us to show you the most popular screen sizes. This is useful for making sure your website works great on all screens: phones, tablets, desktops, etc.

Updated: July 20, 2020. Previously, we didn't store the device dimensions, but we think they are useful for certain accessibility and design tools, so we added this as a clarification to the paragraph above.

Time on page

We do collect and store how long a page is being viewed.

When a visitor is on a page we collect the amount of seconds a page is viewed. If the page is hidden, we don’t count those seconds. Read this page to learn more about how we measure time on page.

Scrolled percentage

We do collect and store how far a visitor scrolls on the page.

When a visitor scrolls on a page we record how far they scrolled. We do store this in a percentage with increments of 5%.

Do Not Track

By default we do NOT collect or store any data if a visitor has Do Not Track enabled.

The Do Not Track browser setting asks a web application to disable either its own tracking or third-party tracking of an individual user. We never track your users anyway, but by default we also ignore visits with Do Not Track enabled and do not add them to your dashboard. Read more on how to disable this behavior.

6. collection and processing of personal data

The website operator collects, uses and discloses your personal data only if this is permitted by law or if you consent to the data collection. Personal data is any information that can be used to identify you and can be traced back to you - for example, your name, e-mail address and telephone number.

You can also visit this website without providing any personal information. However, in order to improve our online services, we store (without personal reference) your access data to this website. This access data includes, for example, the file you requested or the name of your Internet provider. By anonymizing the data, it is not possible to draw conclusions about your person.

7. handling of contact data

If you contact us as the website operator through the contact options offered, your details will be stored so that they can be used to process and respond to your request. Without your consent, this data will not be disclosed to third parties.

8. newsletter subscription

The website operator offers you a newsletter in which he informs you about current events and offers. If you wish to subscribe to the newsletter, you must provide a valid e-mail address. If you subscribe to the newsletter, you agree to receive the newsletter and the explained procedures.

Revocation and cancellation: You can revoke your consent to receive the newsletter at any time and thus cancel the newsletter subscription. After your cancellation, your personal data will be deleted. Your consent to receive the newsletter will expire at the same time. At the end of each newsletter you will find the link to cancel.

9. rights of the user

As a user, you have the right to request free information about what personal data has been stored about you. You also have the right to have incorrect data corrected and to have your personal data processed restricted or deleted. If applicable, you may also exercise your right to data portability. If you believe that your data has been processed unlawfully, you may lodge a complaint with the competent supervisory authority.

10. deletion of data

Unless your request conflicts with a legal obligation to retain data (e.g. data retention), you have a right to have your data deleted. Data stored by us will be deleted if it is no longer required for its intended purpose and there are no legal retention periods. If deletion cannot be carried out because the data is required for permissible legal purposes, data processing will be restricted. In this case, the data will be blocked and not processed for other purposes.

11. right of objection

Users of this website may exercise their right to object to the processing of their personal data at any time.

If you wish to correct, block, delete or obtain information about the personal data stored about you, or if you have any questions regarding the collection, processing or use of your personal data, or if you wish to revoke any consent you have given, please contact us at the following e-mail address: