What others
really think
about you.




Hybrid Mobile App


2019 to date


Android, iOS


Ionic Framework


concept and product design, branding: name/positioning/corporate design, UI/UX, coding, distribution, product support and customer service.

Just a picture, no more information: Distinct challenges our knowledge of human nature - and reveals to its users amazing insights into how they perceive themselves and others

The application is monetized through a paid Distinct Plus subscription that includes certain convenience features such as a pre-selection of the playable gender or the ability to skip profiles.

In addition, there are optional in-app purchases that include statistics about your own user profile. In this way, users can unlock what others really think about them: How attractive, intelligent or successful do they appear to others? Self-perception and the image of others can be compared at any time.


It is also possible to ask the Distinct App Community questions about your profile for a one-time payment.

Distinct deliberately avoids obtrusive pop-ups or in-app advertisements that could negatively affect the gameplay and aesthetics of the app. In return, sleek.app and Distinct develop individual marketing concepts in and around the Distinct community together with selected content partners.

Distinct App was founded in 2019 by Sören Erdmann, who started his career in the automotive industry and worked in Europe, USA, Mexico and Korea. Sören recognized early on the potential of Bitcoin and selected alternative crypto currencies and began to systematically study their markets. His analytical skills brought him considerable speculative success at the age of under 25.

The same talent and passion for correctly assessing people and situations led him all the way to Westminster in London. For Sören is an official "Superrecogniser" of Scotland Yard - an expert in face recognition and classification. Sören Erdmann is convinced that we can all learn the ability to assess people correctly - to break down barriers and prejudices. With the Distinct App he creates the right platform for this.